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Bali, the island of gods, is a magical tourist destination, renowned throughout the world because here your dreams can – and do – come true. Two reasons are obviously apparent. Firstly, there is genuine warmth and friendliness of the Balinese people themselves to whom the art of welcoming visitors is second nature. Secondly, the incredible breathtaking beauty of the island paradise itself. But, there is a third reason that is perhaps make Bali is unique than others.

On the magical island of Bali, there exists an amazing abundance of choices of where to stay, what to eat and drink, choices of how to spend your leisure time and your dream holiday or great honeymoon, and of course the choice for capturing unforgettable moment in your life, whatever you’re looking for to make it become a reality.

If your choice of a beautiful pre wedding photograph combine with the natural Bali outstanding landscape, then what you need is Yasza Photography.

Yasza Photography will assist you to get your beautiful and unforgettable moment once in a lifetime on picturesque portrait. Whatever moment that you need to be captured; pre wedding / post wedding, engagement and or  wedding ceremony, Yasza Photography is grateful to make your dream can – and do – come true.

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PRE WEDDING IN BALI Yasza Photography


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